American Hoist & Manlift Inc. has grown to be a leading company in servicing manlifts and elevators. AHM is known for their high-level of quality and safety along with working with our clients to find the best possible solutions.

Company History

American Hoist & Manlift Inc. (AHM) was founded in June of 1999 as a Union Millwright Contractor. The company was set up to be a conveyance contractor selling, servicing and installing material handling equipment such as industrial cranes and belt manlifts. At that time, our customer base included industrial manufacturers, agricultural companies and multi-level parking facilities. 

AHM has made a commitment to provide safely completed quality work.  Over the years AHM has grown from a home start-up business into a company providing nationwide service here in the United States as well as completing projects in Canada and Central America.

In 2010 AHM added an Elevator Division and provides service, maintenance, repair along with installing new equipment and modernizing existing equipment. 

AHM is actively involved with the ASME Safety Standards Committee. 

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